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LSC Wood Tone Interior & Exterior Wood Paint Shellac / Syelek Kayu 1 Litre / Wood Shellac 1L
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- Specially formulated to enhance the natural beauty of wood
- Protect against wood rot and mould growth
- Exteremely durable and flexible finish
- Excellent abrasion resistance
- Will NOT peel, crack or blister
- Suitable for all type of woods
- Buatan Malaysia

- Cane furniture
- Wood furniture
- Door paneling
- Partition
- Parquet flooring

Technical Data
Texture: High Gloss Smooth Finish
Theoretical Coverage: Approx. 16-18 sqm/L (Depending on surface evenness)
Drying Time: Single coat at standard thickness (28C, 50% RH)
                      Touch Dry <= 3 Hours
                      Hard Dry <= 8 Hours
Recoating Time: 6 Hours

Surface Preparation
* General / New Wood
Surafaces must be sound, clean, dry and free from all defective or poorly adhering material, dirt, grease or wax. To have better finish, rubbed down surface with suitable abrasive and dust off. If necessary, fill wood grain with appropriate filler and smoothen with abrasive. Allowed paint to dry and lightly dry sand between 1st and 2nd coat.
* Previously Painted Wood
Remove all losse, defective, unstable and existing paint film to bare wood. Rubbed down surface in direction of grain. If necessary, apply wood grain filler to fill the crack and smoothen the abrasive. Seal the surfaces with LSC Wood Tone. Thin down with 10% thinner if needed.