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LSC Epoxy Paint 4L + Hardener 1L
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- Chemical Resistant
- Environmental Friendly
- Interior or Exterior Use
- Concrete / Metal / Galvanized & Metal
- Apply with Brush / Spray / Roller
- Made in Malaysia

LSC Epoxy Paint is a 2 pack finish high solid epoxy. Coating that gives excellent resistance to oils, chemical, water and abrasion. It gives an excellent protection for surfaces against harsh environment conditions.

Recommended use for heavy duty protection on ferrous surfaces. Suitable for concrete floor, iron and steel structure, industrial building, offshore structure, laboratories and etc.

Technical Data
Texture: Smooth Gloss Finish
Theoretical Coverage: Approx. 6-8 sqm/L (Depending on surface evenness)
Drying Time: Single coat at standard thickness (28C, 50% RH)
                      Touch Dry <= 4 Hours
                      Hard Dry - Over night
Recoating Time: 8 hours but not more than 7 days

Surface Preparation
Surfaces must be dry and free from grease, dirt and other contaminants. Steel surfaces shoulld be sanded or wire-brushed to remove mill scales and rust, For the best result, steel surfaces should be prepared by hand powered tool.
Wood / Concrete
Surfaces must be dry and free from grease, dirt and other contaminants. Smoothen the surfaces with sandpaper and dust off before application of paints.
Galvanized / Aluminium
Remove all losse and defective paint film. Rusted and defective area should be sanded and feathered. Sound paint film should be sanded to provide anchorage for the new coating.