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Wallplug Plastic #6x30mm
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  • Size: 6mm - 8mm
  • Material: Plastic

Made of quality plastic, injection molding design, impact resistance, high expansion coefficient. The slender structure makes it easier to insert the holes, and the protruding part of the body can prevent the anchor turning while tightening the screws, enhancing friction.

Strong anchoring force, large anchorage range, can be used to anchor cabinets, switches, line slots, mirror frames, coat and hat frames, skirting boards, curtain guide rail, home decoration etc.

Wallplug Plastic #6x30mm :
- General use wall anchor plug
- Made of quality plastic.
- Slender structure easier insert to wall.
- Strong anchoring force.
- Able to be fixed on various solid wall materials.
- Pack of 50-unit wall plug.
- 100% Brand New and in Good condition.

Packing : 50 pcs x Wall Plug in 1 sheet
Specification Material : Plastic
Finish : Grey / Red (Random)

What's in the box

1 sheet of Wallplug Plastic #6x30mm