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ACE Sleeve Anchor (1/4" - 5/8")
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Brand ACE
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  • Good Strength
  • Standard Sizes
  • Suitable for Various Usage

Sleeve anchors are a quick, simple and adaptable masonry anchoring system. They are designed for application on a range of materials and for applications exposed to seismic loads. When the bolt of the fastener is tightened, it expands against the base material to create a strong connection and is able to distribute load-bearing weight.

These anchors can be used in a variety of base materials such as concrete, brick and block and suitable for indoor, dry environments. For example connecting light fixtures to concrete walls or ceilings, attaching door frames and securing electric junction boxes.

This sleeve anchor is commonly used for extra strength. It is more common than its flat-head alternative and comes in a variety of finishes.

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1pcs Sleeve Anchor