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HARDEX Stud & Bolt Thread Lock 6271 - 10ML
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Brand Hardex
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Brand : Hardex

Model : 6271

Weight : 25g

Packing Size : 10 ml

Colour product : Green

Description Threadlock 6271 anaerobic threadlocker is a green coloured coded medium to high strength and medium viscosity for general purpose fasteners. Excellent chemical and fuel resistance. It helps to prevent loosening of bolts, screw and studs up to 1 '' diameter from vibration. Heat may be required to disassemble the part. Ideal application for valve sets, fasteners on vibrating machines, automotive suspension bolts, refrigeration parts, transmission and engine block studs.

Direction :
1 . Surfaces must be cleaned and dry.
2. Shake the bottle before use.
3. Apply sufficient Thread - lok to both surfaces.
4. Assemble components and removes excess Threadlock .
5. Allow assembly to cure in a few minutes and full strength after 24 hours. (It depends on product grade and type of surface)

Caution : Used with adequate ventilation. May cause skin and eye irritation. In case of skin contact, wipe off with cloth and flush with water. In case of eye contact immediately flush with water and call physician.