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CLEANGUARD Biodegradable Garbage Bag (S, M, L, XL)
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  • Round Base Design
  • PP String Included
  • No Odour
  • Biodegradable

Cleanguard Biodegradable Garbage Bag is made from oxo-biodegradable plastic, which is made by blending a pro-degradent additive into the plastic during the extrusion process. The additive causes the molecular structure of plastic to breakdown when exposed to heat, sunlight and air. The plastic will eventually be in a state where it can be disgested by microorganisms. At this point, the plastic will degrade at a faster rate until it has fully degraded into carbon dioxide, water, biomass.

Green - Glass, Electrical Waste, Fabric, Aluminium, Hazardous Waste
Blue - Paper
White - Plastic
Black - Food Waste, Disposable Diapers, Others

What's in the box

1 roll of Cleanguard Biodegradable Garbage Bag