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[1L/2L] Water Pressure Sprayer
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Water Pressure Sprayer - 1L/2L
- Size: 1.0 Liter / 2.0 Liter

- Brass nozzle

- Eeasy pumping with auto spraying mode & multi pattern nozzle

- Pressure pump spray bottle

- Robust design with good seals

- Brass spray nozzle from mist to jet, metal pump shaft

- Materials: Brass+ Plastics

Water Sprayer Heavy Duty 2L
- Perfect anti-blocking water mouth: two-stage design, unique craft, the water flow smoothly 

- ABS material: high strength, high hardness, good heat resistance and cold resistance, long life 

- Ergonomic handle: handheld grip design, any hand type can easy to master 

- Automatic safety relief valve 

- The adjustable spray(rotating nozzle) 
1.Umbrella spray: the spray is exquisite, the adhesion rate is high, the fog is wide 
2.Water column effect: the heavy brush force can be used to water the farther plants 

Maintenance instructions:

1.Do not recommend spraying pesticide, detergent chemicals, such as: pesticides, fertilizers, chemicals and other corrosive substances, to damage to spray pot body, nozzle etc. If you must spray the liquid, clean it with water after use and take responsibility for the damage caused by such actions
2.Water injection should not exceed the maximum level of water, the kettle needs space
3.Pressure against excessive: pressure, feel resistance when can stop, in the case of less water in POTS can play a few times more (large in POTS, pressurized more frequently). Avoid excessive pressure causing the body to damage
4.When not in use for a long time, please release pressure in POTS: spray inside mainly by sealing, seals, gaskets and other parts in POTS there such as pressure, when not in use for a long time, will cause the damaged parts
5.Keep in the shade, avoid the burning of the sun: prevent the burning of the sun, in case the temperature is too high, the pressure in the kettle increases, broken pot bod